Royal II Gooseneck Horse

Royal II Gooseneck Horse

Available Lengths

  • 14', 16', 18', 20', 20', 22', 24', 24'

Available Paint Colors

Birch Metallic
Chestnut Metallic
Deep Blue Metallic
Gunmetal Metallic
Stealth Gray Metallic
Bright Red
Construction Yellow
Deep Green Metallic
Implement Orange
Super White
Bright Silver Metallic
Dark Gray Metallic
Deep Red Metallic
Jet Black

Available Pin Striping Colors


Estimated Weights

Length No. Horses Dressing Room Axles Est. Base Weight
14' 2 40"x88" 2 x 6000# 4900#
16' 3 24"x72" 2 x 6000# 5340#
18' 3 48"x96" 2 x 6000# 5740#
20' 3 72”x120” 2 x 7000# 6140#
20' 4 32”x80” 2 x 7000# 6220#
22' 4 56”x104” 2 x 7000# 6520#
24' 4 80”x128” 2 x 7000# 6900#
24' 5 40”x88” 2 x 7000# 6980#

Standard Features


6'8" Wide
Smooth Outside Galvanneal Skin
Torsion EZ Lube Axles
Brushed Aluminum Fenders
Electric Brakes on all 4 Wheels
Aluminum Wheels, Matching Spare
Porch Light at Dressing Room Door
Illuminated Titan Hat Nose Graphic
Inset Fully Enclosed 1 Piece Back Gate
Aluminum Tread Bright Gravel Guard
Sealed Beam Recessed LED Lights
12 Gauge Galvanneal Roof Cove
Rubber Rear Bumper
Inside and Outside ties
Safety Chains and Hooks
Greaseable Exterior Hinges
2-5/16" Coupler
Molded Plug 7 Prong Plug with Heavy Cord
Plexiglas on Butt Side
Breakaway Battery Box with Charger and Tester
Mid Mount Drop Down Feed Doors with Window and Drop Bars


Triple Lined with Rubber 5/16" Kick Mat Over Steel Lining on All Four Interior Walls in Horse Area
Aluminum Bridle Hooks (2 per Horse)
Carpet in Dressing Room
3 Tier Aluminum Blanket Bar
Rubber Floor Mats in Horse Area
Saddle Rack (non swing out)
7' Inside Height
Tack Organizer on Door
Slant Dividers (Rear Divider Telescoping)
Solid Dressing Room Wall
Dome Vent Braced for AC in Dressing Room (14" x 14")
Dressing Room Door w/ Lockable Latch
Full 40" Stalls
Spare Tire
LED Dome Lights (1 in Dressing Room and 1 per Divider)
Brush Tray on Dressing Room Door
Pop Up Roof Vents in Horse Area
Water Tank

Optional Features

Height & Width Options

7 ½’ Tall
8' Tall
8 ½’ Tall
9' Tall
7 ½’ Wide
8’ Wide

Lights & Trim

Illuminated Name Plate on Nose
Extra LED Dome Light
LED Porch Light
LED Back-Up Lights
Double Tail Lights
Extra Clearance Light
3 Lights in Nose
Top Clearance Lights at Rear
Mid-Mount LED Turn Signals (Per Pair)
LED High-Beam Loading Light
6 Prong Plug
7-Way Plug with Cold Weather Cord (Stays Flexible during Winter)
Semi Plug with Double Tail Lights
Wire Plug to Receiver Hitch
Elite Shield (Line X Equivalent) Gravel Guard (Per Square Foot)

Doors, Windows, Vents, & Ramps

Extra Factory Steel Door
Screened Camper Door w/ Vertical Window (Will not work with a Swingout Saddle Rack)
Walk thru Door in Solid Wall
Tack Door in Nose (Left, Right or Front)
Escape Door in Front of First Horse
Double Back Doors w/ Cam Locks and Lockable Hasps
Aluminum Fold Down Rear Ramp w/ Double Doors Above
Aluminum Fold Down Rear Ramp Behind Back Door(s)
4’ Aluminum Side Ramp with Door Above
Dome Style Roof Vent with 12V Fan
16”x24” Vertical Window w/Slide in Factory Steel Door
30”x30” Bus Window w/ Slide
12”x24” Bus Window w/ Slide
18”x44” Bus Window w/ Slide
18”x24” Bus Window w/ Slide
14”x34” Bus Window w/ Slide
Escape Window in Nose

Aluminum Options

Extruded Aluminum Running Boards
1 Piece Aluminum Roof
Aluminum Tread Bright Fenders
Aluminum Hayrack (5' x 8') and Aluminum Ladder

Compartments & Dividers

Permanent Rear Tack w/ Double Back Doors
Collapsible Rear Tack
Mid-Tack Full Width Behind Dress Wall w/ Door
Mid-Tack in Corner of Dress Room w/Door
Feed Manger in Front of Slant Load per Horse (w/ 2 Outside Doors)
Extra Door for Manger (21" x 26")
Oversized Manger Door (34" x 34", Cannot go over fender)
Hang Rubber Mat from Bottom of Divider
Divider Extension

Axles (Non-Standard Axles may increase lead time)

Spring EZ Lube
Oil Bath Hub (Per Axle)
7000# Torsion EZ Lube
Triple 7000# Torsion EZ Lube
8000# Torsion EZ Lube
Triple 8000# Torsion EZ Lube with 14 ply Radial Tires
Electric over Hydraulic Brakes
Disc Brakes in Lieu of Drum Brakes on Electric over Hydraulic Axles

Tires (Goosenecks)

Provider 14 ply
Provider 215R17.5 H


Double 12,000# Dual Pin Jacks
2 Speed Drop Leg Jack (Not Spring Loaded or Dual Pin)
Double 2 Speed Drop Leg Jack (Not Spring Loaded or Dual Pin)
Single Bulldog Velocity Series 12,000# Electric Jack (Includes Battery & Battery Tray)
Double Bulldog Velocity Series 12,000# Electric Jack (Independent Control, Includes Battery and Battery Tray)
Single Bigfoot Hydraulic Jack includes Battery, Battery Tray and Battery Box.
Double Bigfoot Hydraulic Jack includes Battery, Battery Tray and Battery Box.

Flooring Options

Sure Foot Flooring (Rubber Floor System - Self Draining )
Blackwood Rubber Infused Lumber
Rubber Composite Flooring (Includes 12" Cross members)

Dressing Room/Tack Room Options

4 Tier Saddle Rack
To Make Saddle Rack Swing Out
Extra Saddle Rack Setting
Swingout Blanket Bar (6 Tier)
Removable Bridle Hook Bar (4 Bridle Hooks)
Extra Bridle Hook
Extra Tie Loop
Extra Brush Tray
Extra Blanket Bar
Add Footage to Dressing Room
Full Width Boot Box - Oak with Titan Logo
1/2 Boot Box - Oak with Titan Logo
Electrical Package - 30A Cord, Breaker Box and 1 Outlet
Additional Outlets
13,500 B.T.U. Air Conditioner includes 30A Cord and Breaker Box
15,000 B.T.U. Air Conditioner includes 30A Cord and Breaker Box

Horse/Stock Area Options

Buggy Ramps
Corner Feed Bag
Padded Stall
Undercoat Underneath of Trailer

Gates & Compartments

Stud Gate (not telescopic) in Lieu of Regular Divider

Miscellaneous Options

Auto lock Coupler with Cable Release
Tie Rail On Side
Receiver Hitch
Camper Step
Panel Hooks
Skid Plate on Rear Bumper
Battery Tray
12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery
Aluminum Battery Box
Plastic Battery Box
Propane Tray
Block Axles up 2"
Plate/Beefed-Up Rear Corners - Standard on 24' and Above
EZ Jack Mounted Under Spare Tire
Fold Up Spare Tire Carrier